Be-Bound®, the fastest solution to deploy

Be-Bound®: The Fastest Solution to Bridge the Digital Divide

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If you follow Be-Bound®’s blog, you’re well aware by now that there’s a global race to bridge the digital divide and bring Internet to everyone. But for those new to the issue, here’s a video that sums up what major players are doing in less than 2 minutes:

Bloomberg News: Google Seeks French Help from Be-Bound on Vimeo.

At Be-Bound®, we strongly believe that the ability to get and stay connected anywhere, anytime is what’s at stake in the 21st century.

Be-Bound® offers an Internet connection everywhere, today! With Be-Bound®, Internet essentials are available to Android smartphones in areas where until now people have only had a working phone signal.  This is the fastest and most cost-effective solution to connecting the billions of people without Internet. Just download the app from the Google Play Store to access your emails, translation, and other key Internet services wherever you go.

The Takeaway? 

No single player will solve the problem alone, but Be-Bound’s solution works NOW.

Be-Bound the fastest solution to deploy
Be-Bound® lets smartphone users connect to Internet everywhere, NOW


 Be-Bound® is the fastest solution to deploy to bridge the digital divide





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