Meet with the Be-Bound® Team Season 2, Ep 2

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Let’s meet another Be-Bound® team member also located on the American continent, but in Canada this time ! Today it is Axel’s turn !

axelHello Axel Where are you based ?

What is your position within Be-Bound® ?

How long have you been holding this position for ?
Since the software exists.

Can you describe in a few lines what your position consists in ?
Heading server development and operations.

What lead Be-Bound® to open an office in Canada ?
Good developers are available in Vancouver.

Before working for Be-Bound® where you already in Canada ?
I am in Vancouver since 2001

What was your previous position ?
Leading the development of various wireless applications.

Which is your favorite brand of Smartphone?
Nothing specific.

Which smartphone do you own ?

Three words (not more) to describe Be-Bound®.
Be-Bound® rocks

What was according to you the most stressful moment you lived with Be-Bound ?
Preparing for LeWeb

What is your favorite season ?
Nothing specific.

Your favorite book ?
The Bible

What is your favorite country ?
Where ever I am.

The country you travelled to and you like the most ?
Where ever I am.

Is there a place you would call “home” or do you feel at home anywhere ?
Home can be everywhere.

What was your favorite subject at school ?

Why ?
It was easiest.

Your best moment with Be-Bound® (if you can isolate one) ?

Your favorite apps ?

Your favorite quote ?

Where were you on the 31st of March 2003 at 5.32 pm ?
no idea

Thanks a lot Axel for your time and let’s stay connected !

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