Recruitment test : step 2

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After our first recruitment test was published, we realized that it was a good test for checking the skills of the potential candidate we wanted to hire on one task. However, If we wanted to check the ability of the candidate to solve several tasks in various apps we needed to organize another test.

As you probably know, our new application version, the V2.2.2, is colourful.

Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow … We have so many apps to allow you to stay connected in so many different colours. So, how to check the ability of our potential candidate to solve many tasks, on many apps, without being confused between apps and colours. After long talks and serious thoughts, we came to an agreement on at least one thing: We need a second test to check the full skills scope required to be a good developer.

However, as for the first test, we could not assess the potential developer’s skills in an half hour appointment. So we needed to find a test that would demonstrate the skills of the candidate. For example, some of our testers are working on around 6 apps, with sometimes up to 9 tasks per app. Let us think about it : 6 coulourful apps, with 9 tasks per apps … Yes, it reminds me a of a famous games, not you ?.
Of course, I mean the Rubik’s Cube. What a good test to check if a candidate is able to solve 9 tasks per apps for up to 6 apps with different colours.

For the first test, you had 3 attempts. For this one, you have 3 minutes.

Gaëtan Herfray

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