Be-Bound partners with Wataniya in Palestine

Be-Bound Partners with Wataniya in Palestine

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Good news for mobile users in Palestine! Be-Bound recently partnered with Wataniya Mobile to bring more Internet connectivity to Palestine. Be-Bound has been working closely with Wataniya to assist them in the development of a special app for improved Internet connectivity: Wataniya Connect

Wataniya Connect is an app that can be downloaded on the Google Playstore and will give anyone in the West Bank the ability to access Internet where there is no Internet data network services.

This brings an altogether new level of mobile Internet to Palestine. Any Wataniya subscriber with an Android smartphone will be able to get these Internet services where before they could only make a phone call. As long as there is a phone signal, the Wataniya Connect apps will ensure constant connectivity to smartphone users in Palestine. At Be-Bound we are excited to be a part of bringing Internet to the people who need it most, by bringing this new Internet connection to Palestine.

Congratulations to Wataniya Mobile on the launch of this great mobile solution!

What does the Wataniya Connect App Include?

A total of 7 “Be-Apps” each offering a separate Internet service. The Wataniya Connect description on the Google Playstore provides the following list:

– Be-Friends, to post on Facebook
– Be-Mail to access your emails from any email account (Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo!, …)
– Be-Weather for the weather forecasts
– Be-Translate to use Google Translate®
– Be-Currency to convert in any currency
– Twitter
– Be-Sos to send your GPS position

Be-Bound partners with Wataniya in Palestine

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