Be-Bound In GQ Magazine!

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GQ’s May Issue


GQ’s article, “FrenchTech: Les Nouveaus Rois De La Silicon Valley“ (translated: FrenchTech: The New Kings of Silicon Valley), puts the spotlight on the 60,000 french who have moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to make a name for themselves in the future of Tech. The companies featured are LendingClubDocker , FireChat, and of course, Be-Bound. Needless to say we were very excited that GQ took note of the work that Be-Bound is doing in California, and we decided it was time for a Be-Bound style makeover!… 

Be-Bound is mentioned in the magazine because of our presence at the Palo Alto Research Center (known as PARC labs). In 2014, Be-Bound was the first non-American startup to be invited to develop it’s technology with the experts at PARC. It was an honor to be recognized by such a celebrated institution. (PARC labs is where the computer mouse was famously invented, among other things).

But as a French startup located in Silicon Valley, Be-Bound is one of the few companies also committed to keeping it’s offices in France. We think it is important to play a part in the growth of the French startup scene within the country itself. This month, Be-Bound was recognized by France’s Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs, Axelle Lemaire, who spoke at our office opening in Versailles in support of the work we are doing. As  Axelle Lemaire said, “France missed …the decade of platforms such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. But now for the Internet of Things, France has all that we need to embrace this and become a leader in this domain….and make sure that tomorrow’s leaders are French.” (For full video of Axelle Lemaire’s speech, with subtitles, click here)

As a thank you to GQ, we had a little fun at the office and gave the Be-Bound men a style makeover

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