Be-Bound® now available in Algeria through Be-Djezzy.

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With Djezzy, number one mobile carrier in Algeria with more than 17 million subscribers, stay connected to the internet through your mobile no matter where you are in Algeria is now possible thanks to the Be-Djezzy application powered by Be-Bound®.

Be-Bound is now available in Algeria through the Be-Djezzy application of our partner Djezzy.

All Be-Djezzy users will benefit from now on from a mobile internet connection no matter where they are in any of the 48 Algerian Willayas….

The Be-Djezzy application, available on the Djezzy store and Google Play  is a complementary offer to the existing 3G and will amongst other allow all users to stay connected to Facebook, Twitter or check their e-mails even if there is no 3G available or low data network.

As we see it, bringing internet access to all, no matter the location, is key and can, in many cases, help people in their everyday lives. With Be-Bound and Be-Djezzy we are now one step closer to achieving this goal.

 So, in Algeria with Be-Djezzy or elsewhere with Be-Bound® Stay connected !

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