Be-Bound® works here !

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Roland Schmidt one of the active members of our R&D team was recently in Frankfurt, a good opportunity for us to check our application in real condition.


Be-Bound in action close to Frankfurt’s banking skyline
with the upcoming building of the European Central Bank in front

As Roland stood in front of the Frankfurt’s banking skyline all the Be-Bound® tests he undertook showed impressive results….But our R&D team members are always willing to push Be-Bound®’s app to its limits to make sure it will provide our users top class service at any time.

So, travelling back in the past, Roland also tried Be-Bound® in the heart of the “Alt Stadt” the historical center of Frankfurt. And guess what…Be-Bound® worked there too…. So,  travelling for Business or for leisure, in both cases you can count on Be-Bound® to Stay connected.

Be-Bound in action in Frankfurt'shistorical center
Be-Bound in action in Frankfurt’s
historical center

 Roland Schmidt and Axel Starck

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