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Save on your data plan and battery

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When travelling overseas, one of our first concerns is to stay connected to our loved ones through our smartphones without ending up with huge roaming fees. The second one is to save our battery power. Best would be to combine both. There is a possibility to save on your data plan and to save your battery autonomy.

This solution is called Be-Bound®. All you have to do is :

1) Before leaving home, download Be-Bound®
2) Turn the 3G option of your smartphone off when you are abroad
3) Launch Be-Bound®.

Not only will you have access to the internet through your smartphone when the data coverage is low or not available, not only will you avoid the huge roaming bills that we all had to face once in our lifetime, but you will also save your smartphone battery. Indeed,  the technology Be-Bound® uses to keep you connected uses 25 times less energy than a 3G connection will require and 500 times less energy than a Wi-fi connection…

There are other ways to save on data. You can turn off single apps (the culprits with the highest consumption), or you can take control of your data by simply going into your settings.

Stay connected, Save your battery and enjoy the moment…You’ve downloaded Be-Bound® !

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