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Be-Bound The Digital Divide and the Language You Speak

Digital Divide and the Language You Speak

The term digital divide is usually understood to mean the gap between those who have access to internet and those who don’t, but the divide goes beyond barriers to technology. Whether we can find information in the language we speak has a big impact to play in the relevancy of Internet for all.

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Be-Bound do you speak mobile network

Do You Speak Mobile Network

4G, LTE, GSM, HSPA and many more are some of the acronyms you we see next to the signal graph of our smartphones. They apparently have something to do with the network we are on, but what do they actually mean? If you don’t speak mobile network or if you think you do but want to make sure you speak it with the right accent, here is a quick round up for you.

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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality a controversial subject

Net neutrality has become an incredibly controversial subject. There’s a reason why the moment in history when Internet entered our lives is known as The Information Age. The ability to have any information at our fingertips instantly was nothing short of magic. 

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Frugal Innovation Be-Bound

What is Frugal Innovation ?

In Navi Radjou’s Ted Talk,“Creative Problem Solving in the Face of Extreme Limits,”  Be-Bound is chosen as one of Radjou’s top three companies that best exemplify the concept. Radjou’s talk was based on his book, Jugaad Innovation (co-authored by Dr. Jaideep Prabhu and Dr. Simone Abuja). The Hindi word Jugaad means “a clever solution born in adversity” and translates into English as “frugal innovation.”

After studying the phenomenon of ingenuity in developing countries, Radjou describes how the concept of frugal innovation has been gaining ground as a business strategy in the north as resources diminish.

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Internet of Things Be-Bound

The San Francisco IoT incubators relive the excitement of the 00′ years

It’s a return to the future. In San Francisco, as in the ’00 years when the startups of Web 2.0, nestled on the South Market district, not far from the Financial district and its growing skyscrapers, and dreamed of supplanting Google.

Today these startups are back, with another big ambition, more uncertain but equally exciting: to become the leader of the new digital revolution underway, that of the Internet of Things.
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Be-Bound first non US start-up to be hosted by PARC!

Being hosted by PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) is a huge opportunity for Be-Bound not only because it will help us go even further down the innovation path but also because it is the very place where most IT giants and Silicon valley iconic companies started : Google and Facebook just to name two of them.
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Guessed who turned 25 on the 12th of March?

 We give you a clue : It’s big, it’s changed our lives completely and if you are reading this article you are using it at this very moment !

Its initials are W.W.W and ever since it was created it never stopped spinning ! Yes you guessed it, the World Wide Web turned 25 a few days ago….A quarter of century already….A full generation was born and grew with it. Very hard to imagine what our lives were before the web….Difficult to imagine now what our lives would be without it. At work, at home, in public premises, in public transportation, everywhere we get access to the web and to its billions and billions of pages. Source of information, of knowledge (if used properly), of entertainment, the world wide web is everywhere.

It is also thanks and because of mister triple W that we were inspired to launch Be-Bound….to make it possible for anyone to have access to internet services through their smartphone anywhere in the world….

So, happy 25th birthday World Wide Web and let’s stay connected.

What happens in an internet minute.

What happens in an internet minute is an incredible visual document do discover absolutely.

Prepared by Intel and published on their web site, What happens in an internet minute is a fully comprehensive overall view of all the flows and data exchanges that occur on the web in one single minute…Unbelievable but true ! Actually it is probably already wrong as the figures change almost minute by minute. A very good visual document to discover and to help anybody figure out why staying connected has become nowadays crucial….

internet minute

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