Be-Bound Microsoft Android Launcher

Arrow a launcher developed by Microsoft for Android.

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Microsoft is developing an app for Android called Arrow. You can be one of the first to test it in Beta.

Technically if you want to test the beta version for the new Android Arrow launcher, you need to be one of the lucky ones invited. However you can download the APK via One Drive and install it manually. But you can also request an invitation to test the beta version of the Arrow Android launcher here

With the new design, the Windows tiles have been dropped and the Microsoft Android launcher Arrow looks a bit like a mix of Android and IOS.

The Microsoft Android launcher features mots Windows key applications and automatically divides your phone’s home screen into 3 pages (which you can’t add or remove):
1) The Home Page (includes recent and frequently used apps)
2) The People Page (where you see your phone and email contacts)
3) A Notes and Reminders page where you can keep track of little to-do lists and notes to yourself.

Last year over 81% of smartphones were equipped with Android against only 13% with Windows, so Microsoft’s move makes a lot of sense. Go try out the beta version and let us know what you think!

Source : Microsoft News

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