1 in 3 mobile consumers will download apps this Christmas !

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The latest survey carried out by the SOASTA (http://www.soasta.com/) shows that consumers will actively download applications this Christmas to fill up the tablets, smartphones and other terminals that will be under the tree.

ComScore first data on the downloading activity for the 2013 holiday season already shows a 9 % increase in activity compared to last year. As far as what applications will be downloaded this Christmas, we clearly see a trend for Music app (43 %) and for weather apps (27%). Still according to the SOASTA’s report, men are more likely to go straight to their application stores once their present received to download applications than woman.

If you want to read more and know all facts and figures, just click here : http://www.bizreport.com/2013/12/report-one-third-will-download-apps-christmas-day.html and you will have access to the “Bizreport.com” article that inspired this post.

Olivier Rousseau.

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