Be-Bound Android Sweets

Android’s Sweet Success

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The latest Gartner report on mobile phone worldwide sales shows that Android market share is just over 80 %. But How did the Google OS get so big? We might have an explanation…

Why has Android gotten so big? To get a concrete answer to that question, we went to see a specialist – an expert in his field who has been following and advising many Hollywood stars as well as successful start-ups founders. John C. (he wants to remain anonymous) is one of the most renowned nutritionists in the world, and, according to his long run study on the Android OS case, the reason for the sudden growth lies in one word: sugar.

Since 2009, the Android sugar intake has been way over reasonable limits. It is just as well that the little green lad is getting regular exercises in the various world tech congresses he attends, running down the aisles of the Mobile World Congress, the Tech Crunch Disrupt and the like.

John C.’s analysis confirms that since 2009 Android’s diet has been based on the following foods:

Cupcakes, Donuts, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat and lately Lollipop.

Android Sweets

John C. stated, “after seeing this diet, we do not need to search any further to understand why Android has grown to have such a huge market share.”  And still according to John, unless Android’s next version is called “salad without seasoning” or “steamed carrots” Google’s OS will carry on getting bigger…

John C. did admit that too much sugar can be addictive, but all the same, after taking a look at Android’s blood analysis he advised against Android’s consideration of an “apple” diet…. 


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