Be-Bound Android One is for new smartphone users

Android One is for New Smartphone Users

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Android One helps mobile phone users switch to their first smartphone by offering affordable smartphones for under $100.

Mobile phones are everywhere, but the next step is getting these phones to bring Internet everywhere. To do this, more people are switching from feature phones to smartphones.  But there are still billions who cannot connect to the Internet.  With Android One, more people will be able to get Internet on mobile phones because there is finally a cheaper smartphone. 

The Android One program is also a way to make sure that people who buy their first smartphone, buy an Android and get familiar with Google. The plan is obviously complementary to Google’s Project Loon which intends to bring everyone Internet using balloons that fly in the stratosphere. But smartphones are the more immediate solution.

Android One has partnered with device makers as well as telecom operators such as BangalinkAirtel, among others to bring its product to many emerging markets, especially many Asian countries. In Bangladesh, the device is the Symphony Roar A50. In Indonesia, there is the Mito Impact, the Nexian Journey One, and the Evercross One X. And in Turkey, it’s the General Mobile 4G.

For an even more affordable experience, and to make sure their Android smartphones connect to the Internet everywhere, people in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Turkey can download Be-Bound® ! With Be-Bound®, mobile Internet is even more affordable because when you use less data you save more money.

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