Android 4.0 more stable than IOS 7

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In the smartphones world there is a running rumor pretending that the Android OS often crashes and is therefore and from far less stable than its main competitor IOS. However the recent information tend to show that it is the contrary.

The latest study on the subject, carried out by Crittercism ( has just been released and tend to show that Android is from far the most stable OS. To undergo such a study, Crittercism has treated more than 30 000 real time requests per second coming from more than 1 billion users !…Not a small thing !

The criteria that the study particularly watched were : Reactivity of the application, OS version and user’s device brand.

The conclusion of this study is that, even if IOS is constantly improving in stability, Android, no matter the version, has always been more stable. Indeed, IOS 6 crash rate was around 2.5 %; IOS 7 about 1.8 % and the latest update IOS 7.1 has reached the 1.6 % crash rate level. However, in the same time the different versions of Android were already below the 2 % crash level :

The Gingerbread version was at 1.7 % crash rate and The Ice Cream Sandwich was even below 1 % with a 0.7 % crash rate !

Two more interesting points are underlined in this study :

  • ·         Smartphones are more stable than tablets….
  • ·         Samsung’s devices are from far the most stable terminals….


So, one could conclude by saying that being a Samsung’s smartphone users is from far the most “stable” choice….

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