Android connected table, Your favorite apps as a coffee matts ?

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Conceived by Ideum and 3M the Android connected coffee table is avaible in 32 or 46” screens and installed with an Intel Processor.

This coffee table operating Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and soon updated with Android Kitkat v4.4 introduces a new way of sharing digital moments with friends. Its full HD 1080 pixel screen is obviously water resistant and will introduce the concept of the coffee mat app. All you have to is choose your favorite application, download it on the Android table and put your coffee mug on it…There you go ! You have a revolutionary digital coffee mat. And, icing on the cake, while using your favorite app as a coffee mat, you can use another one as a “traditional” app….And if your coffee table is in a room where you get very bad data connection, all you have to do is download Be-Bound® on it…. However, we recommend in that case you don’t use our app as a coffee mat….

Stay connected….


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