5 + 1 Android apps to manage your budget….

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We are in January. A new year often means new resolutions, and amongst them we often come across “control my budget”.

With modern technologies and our everyday smarter phones, we can maybe stick to our good resolutions thanks to some apps especially dedicated to help us maintain and control our budget. www.talkandroid.com released a very good review on the subject on January the 15th called :”The 5 Best Android apps for managing your budget”.

Review that you can read here :


Those apps are very good if you stick to using them, otherwise they will be “yet another app I don’t use” on my smartphone….

There is however another app that Talkandroid did not review and that can help you control your budget without having to maintain it : That is Be-Bound® of course.

All you have to do is download it and use your phone as usual but via the Be-Bound® portal. Not only will you control your budget and avoid roaming fees but you will also get connection even with Low or no data…..

So maybe the best way to control your budget in 2014 is to download Be-Bound®….Not a miracle solution, but at least your mobile phone bill will be under control…

With Be-Bound® in 2014, stay more than ever connected at controlled cost !!!

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