Our ambition Connecting the world

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We often mention on this blog that the ambition of Be-Bound® is “connecting the world”. But in a nutshell, what does that mean to us ? Well let’s tell you a bit more about that idea!

Connecting the world is not just a motto, a nice “catc phrase” that people will remember. To us “connecting the world” is a philosophy, a way of being…. Indeed we want to « connect every single HUMAN BEING to the Internet. Why? Because connecting people is the first step towards communication and information. When you look for information, you learn : from information to education. When you communicate you learn to listen to others’ opinions, hence learn to respect their viewpoint. To respect them.

By contributing in connecting people we want to empower them, to allow them to change their life, their destiny, and one day to change the World. As Nelson Mandela said « Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ». Education requires communication, and as a result is enhanced by the Internet.

Our Ambition is to help Mankind to grow, communicate and respect others and build a better World for our children. Our core values are listening, humility, respect. We have a very social understanding of business. For them, for you, for all of us. »

So, more than ever, let’s stay connected !


Source : http://www.be-bound.com/en/ 


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