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“We started with a simple observation: even though we see more people with smartphones in their hands, there are still 4 billion people unconnected to the mobile Internet. It doesn’t have to be that way.”  -Albert Szulman, CEO of Be-Bound.

Be-Bound Tech can help your apps reach this untouched digital population!


We are opening our Technology to developers worldwide! Our ready to use SDK can be simply integrated into your apps so that you can get your content to millions of new users.

The SDK will be available on our Be-Bound N4B (Next 4 Billion) platform, a platform with a growing selection of standalone apps that ensure connection continuity, and far-reaching capabilities. When you develop with Be-Bound N4B, any Android smartphone user, whether they have internet or not will be able to use your apps!

Our Be-Bound N4B project is especially designed for developing and emerging countries, where new digital ecosystems are forming. By providing apps that work anywhere, you help build a digital ecosystem, grow a new community of loyal users and reach the widest audience possible!

Join us!

Be-Bound N4B is an open and worldwide community where we share and help each other so that together, we make the most out of Be-Bound Tech!

Join the community and see your apps take off!

Welcome to Be-Bound’s connected world!
The Be-Bound Team


  • Paul

    19 May 2016


    Where is the SDK for developpers ?


    • Bebound

      20 May 2016

      Hi Paul,

      Our SDK is open to beta testers now, and will be opening to the public very soon! We are taking requests for beta testers via the email Thank you for your interest, and stay tuned for the official release!


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