Be-Bound® actions for the Philippines.

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In this day of mourning after the loss of Nelson Mandela, everyone needs to pursue at their own little level their actions to help and supports those who are in need. That’s what we want to do by supporting the Philippines.

In association with the NGO United Way Be-Bound® has decided to give away the entirety of its gross profit margin on all be-credits sold worldwide to United Way  for their active involvement in the reconstruction effort in the Philippines. This contribution will grow each time anybody in the world downloads our application and acquires be-credits.

Every little stream leads to the Ocean…So don’t think that you can’t do anything to help others, that you are too small, that your action is meaningless.
Your action counts and can contribute to bring relief to millions and bring a smile back on their face.

So don’t hesitate, help us contributing to the reconstruction effort in the Philippines by sharing this message and downloading Be-Bound® !

And of course, any user from the Philippines will be granted an extra 50 be-miles (renewable as needed) to be able to stay connected with their loved ones.


Thank you and Stay connected !

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