Who has access to 4G ?

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In our fast changing world, mobile connectivity is a growing issue. More and more users acquire smartphones and expect data connection at anytime, anywhere and at the fastest speed. 4G is often espoused to be the miracle solution, but who actually has access to 4G ?

You will see, read and hear a lot of information about 4G coverage. 4G is trendy, it is the latest technology and therefore everyone will claim to have it available. You will also see maps showing that 4G is covering 80% of the worldwide network and the same will apply to 3G. However at this very moment, one needs to be aware of a few things before coming to any conclusions:

1)      Having 4G available in 10 main cities and suburbs of a given country can lead marketers to claim that 4G is available in this given country. It is not wrong, but on the other hand it is not totally true either.

2)      Putting together a global world map showing 4G coverage is presently impossible. With the exception of a few countries, the 4G coverage areas can only be materialized as dots or small areas on a global country map never mind the world.

3)      At this very moment 2G is covering over 80%* of the world mobile networks, 3G around 16 %….See what’s left for 4G.

Of course 4G is a new technology and the infrastructures are being developed, however if we look at the “previous” technology, 3G we see that at its peak it only covered 16% of the world….

So you might get 4G and that’s great, but the picture might not look as bright as some may claim…

Stay connected!

*Update: As of 2016, the ITU reported that the 2G network covers 95% of the world population. Be-Bound’s Augmented Connectivity makes use of this coverage to provide the widest geographic reach possible to apps and IoT. 

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