About Be-Bound

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“We started with a simple observation: even though we see more people with smartphones in their hands, there are still 4 billion people unconnected to the mobile Internet. It doesn’t have to be that way.”  -Albert Szulman, CEO of Be-Bound.

Be-Bound is committed to bringing The Next 4 Billion (N4B) online by providing mobile Internet services anywhere there is a working phone signal. Our creative French tech team has developed a simple, ready to use and open mobile technology to accelerate the transformation to a world where everyone can be and stay connected.

Our solution works now, and requires no infrastructure investment because we strongly believe in the frugal innovation philosophy: make more out of what is already available.

We innovate with the existing networks and infrastructure. By using any available network from 4G to 2G-SMS, we bring a true app experience when there is no internet network and reach even the most remote regions. We are opening our technology to mobile app and IoT developers so they will now be able to provide local and relevant content to a new digital population!

Want to know more about the Be-Bound project?

Find interesting insights on the Be-Bound  blog, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on social media!

Welcome to Be-Bound’s connected world!

The Be-Bound Team

Team Be-Bound

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