A Virtual assistant that might change the way we work

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It is called Oslo, and this application is currently being tested by the Microsoft development teams. It should be available in the second part of 2014 on PCs and mobile devices and it could really simplify our lives.

A Virtual Personal Assistant ! Nothing new may you say, many apps already do or pretend doing such a thing…You know what ? You are absolutely right, however, this new version of a Virtual Personal Assistant might surprise many users and convert them quickly. Indeed, the Microsoft development team has designed a virtual assistant that will base itself on the subjects you are working on and provide you with all internal and external data on the subject before you even ask for them. Pretty handy, non ?

To boot, and just to give you a second example, Oslo will also compile all articles, blog posts and information published on a subject you are interested in, analyze them and provide you with a synthesis of what is worth reading or looking at (if it is a video or a picture). Other interesting feature, you are attending an important meeting and you want to get there with a minimum information on the subject of the meeting, Oslo will provide you with the latest worth reading article on the subject a biography of the people attending and their latest publications….When we told you this Virtual Personal Assistant might change your view on the subject !!!


Source: www.TechnologyReview.com

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