Be-Bound® to sponsor a 4L trophy Team.

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 The 4L Trophy is a student car race organized every year between Paris and Marrakech in Morocco. This year Be-Bound® will sponsor a team.

Out of the 1300 starting teams of the 4L Trophy, Be-Bound® will be closely watching  the car bearing the number 843. The team (pilot and co-pilot) respectively Thibaut Foussard and Benoit Chareyre will be  sponsored by Be-Bound®. Our two young and determined students (aren’t students all young and determined ?) will first face the Périphérique (Paris’ ring road) and them the covered in surprise A10 road that links Paris to Poitiers, first stage of the Trophy.  After this first demanding stage, the team will head south ! The team will cross the Pyrenees (just like Hannibal did, but the other way round and with Elephants, the closest you could get to a 4L at that time). Finally, they will cross Morocco to reach Marrakech !

This trophy is also and above all the occasion of a huge charity event as all the attendants will carry material that will contribute to the alphabetization of  the south Moroccan kids.

We are glad to be part of this adventure and you too can take part in it ! The team, to tie its budget up is still looking for generous donators! You can give money or watch a sponsored video which, each time it is seen, will bring an extra 5 € cent to the team.

So enter this challenge and just like Be-Bound® does, help them help others ! If you want to do so just click here :

And let’s all stay connected !

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