The 4L trophy is coming to its end

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 Today is the last day of the 4L trophy. The teams that are still in contention will soon reach Marrakech, their final destination.

Be-Bound® is proud to have contributed to this race by being one of the sponsors of the number 843 team constituted of Thibaut Froussard and Benoit Chareyre. This 4L Trophy race is also doubled with a charity project that aims to help alphabetize the south Morocco kids. Each team was carrying material to deliver to the people there. This race was also the occasion to show how useful Be-Bound® can be when there is low or no data network. Useful in case of emergency or need for the teams but also useful for the local population that can then have access to the internet through their mobile even when there is no network. Our ambition is to connect the world and give access to all to information.

So well done to our team and roll on to the next race !

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