A 4L from all angles and in the rain

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Back in February Be-Bound® took part to the 4L trophy adventure and sponsored the team N° 843 that bravely reached Marrakech. At the heart of the trophy was a model of car, the Renault 4 also known as “4L”.

For some of us the Renault 4L is synonymous of bumpy rides, never ending holiday trips, sliding windows and stiff shock absorbers (if there were any). For the others, it’s a collector car that once was driven by their grand dads at a time when car safety meant having an ashtray and a car radio fitted in….Hum, I let you choose your side and for the nostalgic as for the curious here is a video taken during the launch of the 4L trophy for our team 843 and their incredible machine!

Enjoy from all angles and stay connected…

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