The more 4G you use, the more useful is Be-Bound® !

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A recent report showed that most smartphone users said that one of the main reasons that would make them switch to 4G would be a better comfort to watch videos and TV.

This is great news for Be-Bound !

Indeed the heavy usage of 4G to watch videos and TV will result in a heavy network usage and probably more saturation peaks that will lead to connection problems….
Fortunately, if this occurs, you will not be caught short because you will have downloaded Be-Bound’s app.logo: be-bound
Indeed, one of the main features of our application is that it keeps you connected to the internet even with low or no data network. So while most of the band whill be used to watch videos you will still be able to stay connected and check your mail, the weather forecast, the stock exchange etc…

So stay connected and meet us tomorrow and Thursday at the Dublin Web Summit.

Albert Szulman

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