Be-Bound® makes my travels Easy – Part 2

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Hi everybody,

Last week I told you about my little trip to Asia and how Be-Bound® allowed me to stay in touch with France.

Today I’d like to tell you a little about my stay there.

As shown on the below picture, I found the Be-Bound® apps extremely useful during my trip.

The first app I would use once out was Be-Weather, to check the forecast for the day. As you can see on the picture, the temperature early in the morning was already quite enjoyable.

Was surprised me most was that the streets of Bangkok were already very busy despite the early hours . Actually,  it seems that the activity never stops. People from Thailand struck me as very  humble , very warm and welcoming …

The food is a bit hot and spicy but very good. For my part I enjoyed the ” Khao phat ” fried rice .

And of course what was also extremely enjoyable was that, thanks to the Be-Bound® apps, I was able to share my experience while being there with my family and friends who stayed in France.

So see you soon for a new destination I hope !



Mohamed and Lionel

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