2013 best Android Phone…

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 What is, according to you, the best 2013 Android phone…

 I was recently browsing on the www.talkandroid.com website when I saw an end-of-year recurrent headline “2013 Android phone of the year”. I thought to myself “yet again another so called ranking !”. However, when I looked closer at the article, in fact when I read more than the headlines, I thought that for once the approach was original. Rather than “imposing” a more than likely subjective ranking and try to make it look like objective, the website decided to ask their staff members which Android phone they liked best in 2013.

Every one gave their opinion and views on the subject and, at the end, we end up with an interesting and comprehensive article reviewing the features of the top Android smartphones that made 2013.

So rather than giving you yet another ranking, we would be interested to know which is or are the 2013 Android phones, according to you !

And if you want to read the www.talkandroid.com article I refer to, just click on this link !



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