Over 160 billion apps will be downloaded by 2017

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Today I am going back to an article I read this Summer from a study by Juniper Research. By 2017 Smartphone users will download an estimated 160 billion apps per year….

Of course this figure will not stop and carry on growing at an even faster pace I think. Nowadays, the number of apps available is just incredible. The choice of applications  is so huge, so wide, so eclectic that the main risk is to get lost, download apps just for the sake of downloading them and finally never use them.

An average smartphone user downloads 50 apps. How on earth can he make a choice ?

No doubts the rankings from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store play an active part in the decision process…

So the challenge for all those new apps release on the two main stores is to be seen and to get as quickly as possible in the TOP 100 rankings….Which leads me to think that the days when releasing an application for smartphone was mainly a technical challenge carried out by engineers, developers and process specialists have long gone. It’s now all down to marketing and communication, because you can offer the best smartphone application ever on the market, if it has no visibility on the said market, it will remain unknown forever lost amongst the 160 billion yearly downloads….

So before even thinking about the next revolutionary app, startups willing to do so should first plan, budget and monitor extremely carefully their marketing plan, as, at the end of the day the key factor to success is there

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