The 10 Most beautiful cities in the world (subjective ranking of course !)

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The travelers web site  Ucity Guide recently published their very own ranking featuring the 10 most beautiful cities in the world. Of course this ranking is subjective and we could had or subtract any of those cities, however I found it interesting and wanted to share it with you.

First particularity, Rio de Janeiro is the only non-European city featuring in this ranking. Secondly, no sight of London, New York City or any Asian cities either…Of course those ranking are always suggestive and we could all argue them and discuss the choice of one city or another. However, one must admit that the cities selected in this ranking are, if not the 10 most beautiful cities in the world, amongst the most beautiful. Venice, Paris, Prague, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Florence, Rome, Budapest and Bruges are incredible sights to visit and leave incredible memories to their lucky visitors.

And you, which is according to you the most beautiful city in the world ?
If you want to read the full article about the U City Guides ranking, just click here

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